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We all do our best to take care of our cars but whilst it may be easy to see certain problems in your car, such as the engine or transmission, other areas can be relatively hard to daignose. Certainly on of the most difficult areas to diagnose yourself is the suspension of the car. Car suspension repairs isn’t something that you can tend to do on your own with little knowledge but require the services of a car repair centre who can repair suspension in Rotherham.

First Choice Autos offer suspension repair at our Rotherham garage but as always offer customers advice on how to look after their vehicles to minimise the cost of car repairs. For suspension repair it is important to understand how to look for suspension problems, and what parts of the suspension tend to fail, so we can recognise the problem before it turns into a big problem in turn saving a lot of money on car repairs in Rotherham.

Contrary to common belief the car suspension is not just one solid piece but in fact there are several important components that make up the overall suspension. It is important to remember that different vehicles have different types of suspensions, so there is no quick fix for a suspension repair. One of the most common problems and easiest areas to check are the shocks and struts. The shocks and struts are the parts of the suspension which control how the car drives and how it handles bumps on the road. Poor shocks or struts can put you in serious danger.

Common faults that occur with car suspensions are:

Shocks And Struts – If you have noticed that your vehicle is becoming shaky or choppy on the highway or you have a loss of control, then it may be a sign that your shocks and struts are wearing out. Also if you notice an unusual tilt to the car when taking corners, this can usually be a symptom of a developing fault.

Ball Joints – The ball joints are located at the end of the strut tower, ball joints are the pivot between the wheels and the suspension of a vehicle. Ball joints play a critical role in the safe operation of a vehicles steering and suspension. Diagnosing a fault or problem with a ball joint can be difficult to spot due to the positions of the ball joint. As there aren’t many symptoms under normal driving conditions you really need to get under the vehicle and inspect it. Ball Joints play an imporant role in the car and therefore should regurlary be checked by a car repair centre in Rotherham.

TIP: Bad supsension can affect your tires, wearing them down in some parts while leaving some parts fine. In order to check for this, you simply need to run your hand over your tire, if you can feel ridges or large bumps, than you probably want to have your suspension checked out.

TIP: There is a simple method to test out your shocks and struts without having to pay a mechanic to do it. Either push down on the your boot or bonet, and after a few seconds, let go. Notice the way that the car bounces back up. If it takes more than once bounce to stop moving, you are most likely in need of new struts or shocks. This test can be repeated for whichever area of the car you did not test first, as both the front and rear shocks can go bad.

Another common problem area for most car suspensions are the tie ends. Tie ends connect your steering box to your steering arm and the to your hub assembly. They are also known as the rods that pivot your tyres when your turn the steering wheel.

TIP: Find a corner to turn the car into. As you are turning into the corner, press the accelarator pedal. If the tie rods are not in good condition you will fee the car start to shake a little and ‘shimmy’ a bit. This is a sure sign that you should get your suspension repair from First Choice Autos.

Key parts that we deal with in the suspension repair are:

* ball joints
* bushings
* sway bar links
* center links
* idler arms/pitman arms
* rack and pinion units
* tie rod ends/sleeves
* cv joints/boots
* cv axle half shafts
* shock absorbers
* struts/cartridges
* coil springs
* universal joints and springs

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