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First Choice Autos have been replacing clutches for over 10 years and have experience with many different types of clutch kits. We have been providing clutch repair in Rotherham and also offer free clutch checks. It is quite common for some garages to replace your clutch when all that is required is an adjustment. We are proud of our honest nature and will only advise you to change your clutch if the existing clutch can not be fixed. If you feel your clutch is slipping or are experiencing drivability problems then First Choice Autos in Rotherham can help.

We have experience with thrust bearingsm, slave cylinders, Dual and Single Mass Flywheels. Our state of the art technology will help detec an problems early to avoid replacement costs.

Common Clutch faults are:

SLIP: Caused by oil on the friction plate or worn friction plate, the symptoms of clutch slip would be partial or total loss of drive, vehicle speed lower than normal compared with engine speed

DRAG: Clutch cable not at correct adjustment or centre plate sticking on splines. The symptoms of this would be difficulty in obtaining gear, particularly first and reverse gears.

JUDDER: Caused by warped friction plate or engine / gearbox mounts broken. The symptoms of this would be a shudder and vibration as vehicle moves off from rest

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