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Everyone remembers to service their tyres, lights, wipers, brakes etc but not everyone remembers to that the car battery is part of the car also and needs regular maintenance. The health and lifespan of your car battery can be visually measured by examining the battery itself. Keeping the battery clear from rust will aid its health.

All car batteries are different and can handle varying loads. If you have connected many extras to your car battery you may be overloading it without knowing which could result in you draining the battery out quicker than you think. The first time you might realise is on a cold morning when the car doesn’t start.

People often mistake the battery as the culprit for cars not starting. Flat car batteries can be a problem but sometimes they are wrongly diagnosed by mechanics. You can do some checks yourself to ensure that you know if the battery is at fault. If your car doesn’t start and you press the horn – if you hear a muffled sound or no sound at all then it is the battery.

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