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The cambelt is an essential part of your vehicle and in not replacing this at the manufacturers recommended guideline could result in catastrophic engine failure. The cambelt is also know as a camchain. It is common for drivers to overlook this part of the vechicle as it isn’t visible. Another reason for it being overlooked is due to drivers not being aware of key symptomns that indicate a worn down camblet that could snap any time. The problem with cambelts is that they naturally wear down and will require replacement after a certain distance or time has elapsed. Each and every car is also different in the time scales that a replacement refit is carried out.

Symptoms that indicate a worn down cambelt.

Excessive Exhaust: If your car fires more than a typical amount of exhaust, your cambelt could be worn out.

Difficult to Start: If your car has high mileage and is difficult to start, the cambelt could be going bad.

Leaky Engine: Older rubber cambelt degrade in hot temperatures and with exposure to motor oil. If your car runs hot and has a leaky engine, the life expectancy of your cambelt is lowered. Newer cambelt are made of heat-resistant materials and do not have this problem.

Shakes: A working timing belt is perfectly timed with the valves and pistons. If the belt is going bad, the timing will be off, causing the car to shake.

First Choice Autos can replace cambelts in Rotherham and offer a free inspection of your cambelt health.

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