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All new and nearly new vehicles are controlled and managed by computers. The purpose of the on-board computers is to make the driver and a mechanic aware of any problems as soon as they occur. These electrical faults or mechanical faults are usually highlighted early to allow time for a repair or investigation to be carried out. Ignoring warning signs from your on-board computer is not advisable. First Choice autos have been providing vehicle diagnostics in Rotherham for many years and have worked with various vehicles.

The following systems can be checked for in car diagnostics:

  1. Engine Management Systems
  2. ABS / Traction Control Systems
  3. Immobiliser Systems
  4. Airbag / SRS Systems
  5. Air-Conditioning systems / HVAC
  6. Automatic Transmission Systems
  7. Diesel Management Systems
  8. CANbus Systems
  9. Service Light Interval Resetting

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